erroneous thoughts

· · · whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me · · ·

Óscar Pereira

I have since caught up with my sleep­ing schedule!

Programmer, professional paranoid, fol­low­er of the “clever playfulness” zen (computers and be­yond), and with a keen interest in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, (usually) in that order. Formally an engineer, still trying to get over it. Often goes by the han­dle of gauthma. It some­times morphs into this: ओस्चर् पेरेइर (if you see gibberish instead of nice Sans­krit char­ac­ters, you need to fix your browser/ system to support UTF-8).

Contact Info

Preferred method is email to oscar at my do­main dot org. Response time “tends to be an ex­po­nen­tial function of message length” (in the words quoted by Frank Stajano).

Caveat Lector #1: Unless there is a previous arrangement, I will not read attachments in proprietary formats, viz. MS Word and the ilk, and here is why. Also, HTML mail will usu­ally end up in the spam bin—not oft-inspected.

Caveat Lector #2: I use GnuPG to encrypt and sign email mes­sages I send, and I really encour­age you to do the same —not only for the import­ant stuff, but also for the rest (but do note that the subject will not be encrypted!). There is security in large numbers. If your mail client makes this difficult—or impossible—I suggest you consider switching to Mutt. Details about my PGP keys are provided here.


I have more than my fair share of gripes with Amazon, but on a practical level, some things just can’t be done without them. Things like a wish list. If you think the work I do is worth enough, please consider taking a look at it.

And because people always ask: what about that long domain name?

It comes from the end of Ben Pimlott’s introduction to George Orwell’s Nine­teen Eighty Four (emphasis mine):

Nine­teen Eighty-Four is a great novel and a great tract because of the clarity of its call, and will endure because its message is a permanent one: erroneous thought is the stuff of freedom.

That and the fact that all the shorter domain names I wanted were already taken…

Fur­ther Information

A parting thought

On a less serious tone, here’s what my former advisor thought webpages were good for, back in his undergrad days:

It seems that nowadays everyone has the obligation to clutter servers [sic] disk space and waste other people’s bandwidth with useless junk. Well, this is my contribution. You’re welcome.

Happy readings! :-)