Óscar Pereira

Programmer, professional paranoid, follower of the “clever playfulness” zen (computers and beyond). Formally an engineer, still trying to get over it. Often goes by the handle of gauthma. It sometimes morphs into this: ओस्चर् पेरेइर (if you see gibberish instead of nice Sanskrit characters, you need to fix your browser and/or system to support UTF-8).

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I have more than my fair share of gripes with Amazon, but on a practical level, some things just can’t be done without them. Things like a wish list. If you think the work I do is worth enough, please consider taking a look at it.

And because people always ask: what about that long domain name?

It comes from the end of Ben Pimlott’s introduction to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four (bold emphasis mine):

Thus1 the novel is above all subversive, a protest against the tricks played by governments. It is a volley against the authoritarian in every personality, a polemic against every orthodoxy, an anarchistic blast against every unquestioning conformist. ‘It is intolerable to us,’ says the evil O’Brien, ‘that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be.’ Nineteen Eighty-Four is a great novel and a great tract because of the clarity of its call, and will endure because its message is a permanent one: erroneous thought is the stuff of freedom.

That and the fact that all the shorter domain names I wanted were already taken…

Further Information Or how I like to boost my ego…

An image worth more than a thousand likes, by H. Rosebel.

My path towards career craftmanship—whilst avoiding the great career blackhole—is summed up in my Curriculum Vitæ. If the current trend of worshipping The Self makes the reader think that information is way too little a dose of egomorphin, well then here is some other stuff. I also have a GitHub account, but other attempts to find me on so-called “social” media are futile.

I enjoy photography. My photo albums are scattered throughout the blog (see here for why this is so); browsing through the relevant category might help. And keep in mind that, paraphrasing Neil deGrasse Tyson, photographs are supposed to be the record of your life experience, not the life experience itself! ;-)

A parting thought

On a less serious tone, here’s what my undergrad advisor thought personal webpages were good for, back in his undergrad days (late 90s):

It seems that nowadays everyone has the obligation to clutter servers [sic] disk space and waste other people’s bandwidth with useless junk. Well, this is my contribution. You’re welcome.

Depending on your perspective, that’s either very silly or notoriously prescient :-) Happy readings!

What I look like, in full Arctic summer attire.

What I look like, in full Arctic summer attire.

  1. In the transcription link the first paragraph of the quote begins with “This”. However it is a mistake: the correct word, as can be seen by consulting the printed original, is “Thus”.