A comment on blog comments

I don’t know about you, but whenever I read anything with comments (which is almost everything on the internet these days), I almost never bother to read said comments—except those of the author himself, should there be any. And so, I see no purpose in setting up a comment system (which involves extra hassles when using static site generators, as I do). It would not be very valuable to me.

What is valuable to me, though, is thoughtful feedback that really contributes something meaningful to what I have written. Should you have any such contributions to make, I kindly ask you that you consider emailing them to me. If the information is relevant enough, I might even edit the post to add it.

My address is oscar a*t erroneousthoughts d*t org; please also kindly skim over the list of things to avoid when emailing me.

I realise this is more annoying than simply typing in a comment, but chances are that if you are willing to go that extra trouble mile, you really do have something valuable to contribute—thus minimising the chances of wasting time, both yours and mine.

If, on the other hand, you just have to vent out how totally full of crap you think I am, well, that is fine too. I just request you do it on some other venue like hacker news, or reddit, or, you know, start your own damn blog!