PGP Keys

A note on IDENTITIES: my keys might contain identities for more than one email address; however, unless you have good reason to do otherwise, please use the one mentioned here, viz. oscar at my domain dot org.

Current PGP key

My PGP key’s fin­ger­print is shown below. Note that the link to my key is also sent in the header of all mails I send (spe­cific­ally, the X-PGP-Key header). This is my long term key, which I use for col­lect­ing sig­na­tures, and sign­ing other’s keys (“cer­ti­fy­ing”, in GPG parlance).

8277 84A3 F688 3048 EB3F 8CCE 6141 CD99 B587 61E3

Previous PGP key #1

This PGP key (fin­ger­print below) is still lis­ted as valid, but it should not be used anymore: I had its mas­ter secret key stored sep­ar­ately, but the only copy I had was dam­aged before I could cre­ate a revoc­a­tion cer­ti­fic­ate (or a backup). As it still had no sig­na­tures, the easi­est way around this was to simply cre­ate a new key—for which a proper revoc­a­tion cer­ti­fic­ate has been cre­ated and safely stored! (see above)

E478 D8D5 2C4C 3812 F447  1FAD 6CC2 8D22 EB85 D325

Previous PGP key #2

My pre­vi­ous key has been revoked (superseeded).

090B CC00 EB2F 71EA 098D 2B90 E8C6 514F 9214 6582